The Benefits of Utile Carpet Tiles:

At End Of The Roll, we’re full of products that make your floors look great! Meet Utile, a modular carpet tile that is revolutionizing the way you buy and install flooring. Made in Canada, Utile carpet tiles come in a wide array of styles, are easy to install, and are backed by a serious warranty.
Better than all of that though is the design flexibility you get from their selection of modern colors. This high quality indoor tile will enhance any room in your living or working space, providing a great level of resistance to wear and tear. You can personalize your layout by making a unique design or pattern to suit your tastes. Try combining different colors for a checkered look, or orient the tiles so the seams create visual interest. No need to be square, who doesn't love diamonds? Use the tiles to create a customized area rug, an entry way floor mat, or a kitchen floor runner! Try a wide array of mixing and matching until the pattern is picture perfect!
Plus, Utile can be installed over vinyl, wood, laminate, concrete, and more in only one day! That’s where Utile really excels: installation and maintenance. If you're looking for a durable floor option, Utile is an affordable choice that has the benefit of needing no adhesive, guaranteeing good levels of air quality in your home. Also, unlike carpet installation, there is a very minimal amount of waste that is produced because of how the carpet tiles can be cut to fit into closet spaces and any other nooks you may have.

These tiles can be loose laid, but they also come with a peel-and-stick tape, which is especially handy for high traffic areas like an entry way design. Installing regular carpet is a process that involves specialized tools, products, and people. However, with Utile, all you need is some u-tape, a utility knife, a square, and a tape measure. The unique U-tape system means that not only is the install extremely easy, but replacing a tile is even easier. Perfect for those that love to DIY.

The tiles are designed to perform great under any condition. However, if you ever need to replace it down the road, you don’t need to tear out the whole floor. You only need to swap out the tiles you want replaced!
Each tile is backed with high-performance PermaFuse backing, engineered for superior results that won’t deteriorate over time. Made with naturally stain-resistant fibers that don’t absorb water, Utile is a durable and clean flooring choice because the tiles don't trap humidity, liquids, or dirt. With their thermal and sound insulation properties, these tiles are perfect for a basement or cinema room.

If that isn't enough, Utile is backed by some serious warranties! Offering lifetime warranties on deterioration and dimensional stability, Utile also offers a lifetime warranty on delamination. This means that the warranty protects against the chance that the layers in the carpet tile will separate.  Dimensional stability is maintained by a unique fiberglass structural layer that ensures that the tiles won't slide from bottom to top, making them a stable flooring choice that's great for kids, pets, and the elderly!

Unlike traditional carpet that comes to your house in a big roll, Utile comes in a box. With just over 21 square feet per box, you can pick up as much or as little as you need. Find out how Utile can easily change the look of your home. Visit our product page or visit any of our locations to see the style for yourself!

Utile Carpet Tile, available exclusively at End Of The Roll.
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